Symbolism of Water


John is the Patron Saint against floods and his statue can be found on bridges throughout the world.

Water is a symbol of life. The meaning of water is discussed in the new opera Nepomuk. Water and positive growth are contrasted with addiction to power and money.

Water for Project Nepomuk is a symbol of growth. Water connects countries, and continents. 

Liverpool, where the first performance of the opera took place, connects to the World as a city of Art and Music. Liverpool is an Unesco City of Music.

Water flows in the seas past Continents and by rivers through other lands, finally reaching the land locked Czech Republic, an outstanding place of beauty and culture, full of Unesco sites.

Project Nepomuk is entirely non political and non religious and stands for cross border cultural cooperation and understanding through the media of Art and Music. Project Nepomuk is not bound to the city of Nepomuk, but aims to work in many places.