Project Nepomuk

EVENTS 2017-18

Project Nepomuk Events in 2017 to 2018  included:

  • a concert in Frantiskovy Lazne in the Czech Republic took place on 10th November 2017. Excerpts were sung from the opera Nepomuk. and a talk given about the opera and project.
  • A train with various entertainments, musicians and artists was taken from Frantiskovy Lazne to Hof in Germany on 11th November with improvised songs, music, and poetry being performed on the journey!!!
  • In January 2018 Barry Gerald Webb was invited to sing in front of a live audience of 400 at the Alpha Theatre Plzen, and a talk about the project. This was then broadcast on Plzen and Prague Radio. Here Barry Webb sings John’s prison aria from the opera Nepomuk and talks about the project,

starting at 14:30

  • a LIVERPOOL LAUNCH EVENT, a Bohemian Cabaret Evening of Entertainment with Czech food and Czech Beer took place on March 24th 2018 at the Casa Bar Liverpool.  

The Bohemian Summer Festival

From 29th June to 1st July, Project Nepomuk took part in the first Bohemian Summer Festival at Old Christ Church, a lovely disused church and new Events venue in Waterloo Liverpool. The events of Project Nepomuk for 2017 to 2018 were supported by the Arts Council of England.

This follows collaboration already made by Project Nepomuk with artists and musicians in the Czech Republic (Bohemia). Visits have been made by Liverpool Artists to Nepomuk in June 2017, and musicians to the Frantiskovy Lazne Literary Festival in November 2017, and the Alpha Theatre Plzen in January 2018, broadcast on Czech Radio.

In Liverpool, from 29th to 30th of June, there was a performance of a new opera ‘Nepomuk’ in concert, composed and conducted by the British composer Barry Webb. Some of the best young professional international singers and musicians based in the North West participated. The opera deals with the conflict of love and power through the true story of the Bohemian King Wenceslaus and the martyrdom of John of Nepomuk. It is about the very modern theme of false truths.

Alongside the opera concerts, there was be an Art Exhibition at the venue, featuring local contemporary artists from the North. 

Project Nepomuk is a cross border cultural co-operation initiative, aiming to bring cultures together through the universal language of art and music. 





The Monastery at Klaster Nepomuk (picture above), the inspiration for the name and project,  has hosted some of the Project Nepomuk events.

Artists from Liverpool visited The Monastery Klaster in June 2017 and worked on art projects with local Czech people (see more in following blog). This was the first stage of the cross border cultural co-operation.

A room in the house used as an arts studios space. Present art installation created in June 2017 by Jane Lawless.

Art workshop in the garden June 2017.