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May 2017

Project Nepomuk will record its progress by blogging and vlogging.

The beginnings of the project go back to 2008, and no doubt some of what has happened will be mentioned in passing, with photos and videos, showing how eventually Project Nepomuk is as it is now.

The events since 2008 can make interesting reading. It has always been eventful, sometimes challenging.



Soon we will be in Nepomuk. To say that I am excited is an understatement. The trip there by car again will be a tough and long one. Through France, Belgium, a touch of the Netherlands, then putting the foot down in Germany. It`s nice to experience all the different countries in passing. Getting a sense of history through travel, and how the landscape is linked together. Something impossible to experience when flying, and not possible a hundred years ago in a couple of days.

Looking forward to seeing old friends on the way in Germany, and then in Czechia, as it seems now to be called.

Two artists from Liverpool will meet us in Nepomuk, and we will get a chance to start this Project Nepomuk.

A video of the house and garden and surrounding area. Soundtrack of the Birds 2015.

From Liverpool, Unesco City of Music…….


…… to Prague, centre of the known world 600 years ago, city of spires, three opera houses, music, Mozart, and the great opera singer Ema Destinova. Here  she is remembered by her bust on her house in the old town. A lovely tradition is to put up sculptures of famous people where they lived. Destinn`s face is also on the 2000 Czech koruna banknote, and people refer to it as a Destinova.


Meeting Team Mclaren at a service station in Germany on the trip in 2016. It`s sometimes an eventful drive. Once in about 2010, sadly with no camera, I helped some guy in Germany put down his roof an a vintage convertible Mercedes he was trying out to add to his collection of all the cars they had ever made. What a wonderfully varied world.


June 2017

The drive so far has been better than expected. Unbelievably there were no hold ups. M6, M1, M25, M20, all great. Good thing really, as the ferry at Dover was behind by more than an hour due to storms in the Channel, so we were put on an earlier one than scheduled, that had also been delayed by the storms.

JULY 2017

The planned June 2017 visit by Liverpool artists to Nepomuk, Prague and the Czech Republic was a great success. This was the first stage of Project Nepomuk as directly funded by the Arts Council of England.

Josie and Jayne from Liverpool visited the house in Klaster and talked about and worked on artistic projects with local Czechs, doing some work themselves and holding some relaxed workshops with local children in the garden. The Meetfactory was visited in Prague

Barry Webb had meetings with Alenka Vavrova in Frantiskovy Lazne and Nepomuk about forthcoming events in November, and met officials with her from the Microregion Nepomuk in Nepomuk. The possibility of doing a performance of the opera Nepomuk next year was discussed. A possible collaboration was discussed with the John of Nepomuk museum which was visited. St Jakub`s Church would make a great venue. other venues were visited.

We will return in November, and all looks good for future collaboration and beyond June 2018, when the performances of the opera Nepomuk will be in Liverpool.

DSCF6458 copy

Art workshop in the garden of the house.


In the art installation room at the house.


St Jakub`s Church in discussion.


Interior of St Jakub`s Church


Outdoors performance space at the town museum Nepomuk


I sang 2 of my own songs at the Frantiskozy Lazne Literary Festival.

This video below of the week has the sound track from the festival concert, where I sang DA TANTO D‘AMORE and LOOK UP


The train trip across the Czech/German border was filled with artists, poets, musicians, and dignitaries! A true cross border co-operation! My rendition of La Donna e Mobile form Verdi‘s Rigoletto with harp accompaniment from the wonderful Zbynka Solcova can o nly have been a first!

The concert in Nepomuk was fun with English cakes and tea!



Project Nepomuk on Czech Radio

In January 2018 Barry Webb was invited to sing in front of a live audience of 400 at the Alpha Theatre Plzen.

When waiting in the green room, there were other acts to go on before me. A rock band Maxime Turbulance,

a comedian, and other acts including the singer Jiri Vondrack. All wonderfully put together by Petr Jančařík and broadcast on Plzen Radio. Here Barry Webb sings John’s prison aria from the opera Nepomuk and talks about the project,

starting at 14:30

Auditions for the Opera


The standard of people coming to audition was top. It was a long day hearing everyone at the Royal Northern College of Music.

MARCH 2018

The Launch Party tomorrow is truly what it says on the packet.

Tickets  on sale tomorrow and

Project Nepomuk’s Indiegogo Crowdfunding launced  to raise funds for the projects. (Up date. This Crowdfunding replaced by a Kickstarter campaign).

Really looking forward to a lovely evening tomorrow at the Casa Bar/Theatre in Hope Street Liverpool.


24TH MARCH 2018 at 730PM.


Entrance £2 in support of Project Nepomuk.

An evening of entertainments with live singing, poetry, and readings.

JUNE 2018


Barry Webb sang from the opera and Josie Jenkins (right) gave Art workshops on the theme of water,

The value of these workshops cannot be under estimated. The children loved them.

DSCF7530 2

JUNE 2018

The non-stop organisation of the events has left little time to update this blog.

Much has happened.

Press releases and advertising, writing to contacts, rehearsals, etc.

The rehearsals so far have been superb, with first class musicianship and voices. Picture opposite.

Much to do in the next 3 weeks before the festival.