The Aqua Project continues the work of Project Nepomuk.

The central theme of Project Nepomuk and the opera Nepomuk was water. The Aqua Project continues this theme of water.


The Aqua Project creates music and arts events on the theme of water and climate awareness.

Sales of unique aromatherapy-based products made from drops of the water of the former spa in Nepomuk, promote water and climate awareness. These sales help towards financing The Aqua Project.


Support for the Arts from the State is becoming more and more difficult. That is why a private initiative is taking place to support The Aqua Project through its sister company InnerWater.
Inner Water produces sustainable and climate change aware, personal wellness products with a touch of positivity and serendipity.
These unique aromatherapy products contain drops of the water of this former spa house in Nepomuk.
The sale of these products helps towards financing The Aqua Project.
These products are also being offered in our range of rewards packages as part of Patreon sponsorship, alongside other unique opportunities when joining our story.
Each energy spray and product is linked to specific arts and music events in The Aqua Project.