Project Nepomuk

Project Nepomuk is a Cross Border Cultural Cooperation project, bringing people together through Art and Music, based in the UK and the Czech Republic.

Barry Gerald Webb ‘s opera ‘Nepomuk‘ was performed in Liverpool in 2018 as part of Project Nepomuk, a cross border cultural initiative with the Czech Republic supported by the Arts Council of England.

The Arts Council of England awarded him a small grant in 2020 towards writing a new  ‘Aqua‘ opera which will be completed in stages starting 2021.

‘Aqua‘ continues the theme of water that began with Project Nepomuk.



Nepomuk is the name of a town, a person, an area of land.

Nepomuk is in the Czech Republic, in Bohemia, the western part of the country.

The town of Nepomuk was named after St John of Nepomuk who is the Patron Saint for keeping secrets and against floods.

The municipality of São João Nepomuceno is in Brazil.