Project Nepomuk’s Indiegogo Crowdfunding launced to raise funds for the projects. See the fun rewards @

The Arts Council of England Grant will pay towards the fees of artists, orchestra, solo singers, ensemble, volunteer expenses, hire of rehearsal and performance spaces, auditions, publicity, posters and flyers, school workshops in Liverpool, cross-border cultural cooperation initiatives, Czech art workshops, a Czech travel bursary, an associated art exhibition at the Bohemian Summer Festival, 2 chamber concerts in the Czech Republic last November, a chamber concert launch party in Liverpool in March. A concert of a new opera in Liverpool in June, administration, website updates and media administration, music editing printing and production, box office costs, stewards to manage the venue, the bar and program selling, program production, video recording, fundraising initiatives, invites to guests VIPs industry connections and critics. The present budget allows us to cover this. Plus tickets sales and other money raised by our own efforts. For instance, as part of the Bohemian Summer Festival, there will be a BOOK AND ART FAIR on 1ST JULY 2018. 10:00am to 18:00 pm. at Old Christ Church Waterloo in Liverpool L22 1RE (Promoted by not the Arts Council). A proportion of any profits will go towards Project Nepomuk.

Entrance Tickets £2 on door and On-line (plus 10% booking fee)

However we are looking for extra funds through crowdfunding here to ensure  a quality festival and the future of Project Nepomuk.

The money we hope to raise from Crowdfunding will go towards hiring more string players for the orchestra, more singers for the ensemble, for better recording/video costs, publicity costs, and fees.

The Arts Council of England has covered the basic costs, and the events are going ahead. There are no risks that the events will not be delivered. Only we want to make them even more special. We are realistic, in that a fully staged opera production of the show is not being completed, as this would involve a huge budget, with expensive rehearsal time, sets, costumes, lights etc. to be paid for. But we hope that this will one day be done, after the music is heard, and maybe taken on by a state subsidised opera company or in the place Nepomuk, where it was named after, and this is the first step towards that. We have held meetings in Nepomuk about this possibility.

There are 12 orchestral musicians involved, and 5 solo and 5 ensemble singers, plus conductor, and other people to run the show. To hire one more musician/singer for the rehearsals and shows will cost around £300, and so we are asking for 10 times that amount. The money will be spent, however much we raise, on the participants and shows.



Art fair in Old Christ Church

The perks for this project are unique. As well as the usual program and website mentions and ticket offers, there will be

-bottled water spray from the well in Nepomuk, the monastery where John grew up and where the first act of the opera is based.

-a soap figure made of John of Nepomuk, cast from an old antique model of him

-a signed picture from a Liverpool artist

-a signed copy of the vocal music by the composer

-a specially written personalised musical extract for you by the composer

-the naming of a character by you in the next new musical work to be written

-a splendid meal in one of the first class restaurants of Waterloo to meet the Artists on 1st July as a VIP guest



Special Nepomuk water of the perks.

Spray this water for luck.

Thousands touch John‘s statue for luck on Charles Bridge in Prague!!


One of the perks....Antique bronze of John. Soap will be made from a cast of this using water from the monastery.

Most importantly, I want to invite Crowdfunders on this journey. The events of summer 2018 are very important, but your involvement with the future of the project after this is vital. Further projects will be announced in time, to build up a relationship between us and you the sponsors.

Project Nepomuk will be continued beyond 2018. The house at Klaster will be central to this. And as well as events happening in the Czech Republic, this will hopefully widen out to involve arts and music events in Germany.

The name Nepomuk has been used as a symbol to mean many things. Nepomuk is the name of a half dragon in a children's story, an open-source software network, the name of a 19th-century Austrian composer…and more.

Project Nepomuk here is a symbol of growth. As water connects countries and brings life, arts and music, connect cultures. Liverpool is an Unesco City of Music. The Czech Republic, an outstanding place of beauty and culture, full of Unesco sites. There are connections all over the world, with Bohemian churches in Brazil and in New York and America.